Interview with a Walkaway Democrat

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The following is the transcript from an interview with Bailey. A registered Democrat, and US Citizen, who has recently decided to walk away from the Democratic Party. She is among thousands of registered democrats, that are waking up during this election year. And, coincidently a year of turmoil for our country.

Interview with a Walkaway Democrat

My name is Bailey. I’m 25 years old. My parents have always voted Democrat, and I voted for the very first time in 2016. This sums up the past few years and why I have recently decided to walk away from the Democratic Party.

I was never super interested in politics until it was announced that Hillary Clinton won the nomination. A WOMAN President? Who could not be excited about that? I signed up to work for her campaign through my University. I spent HUNDREDS of hours knocking on doors and creating flyers, making phone calls, sharing all information I could on social media. Election night, I was at a party set up for the workers, at my school. We were PUMPED!

We knew there was no way Donald Trump would ever be President of the United States. As the night moved along, the atmosphere in the room started changing. Instead of lighthearted laughter it just seemed to become more and more quiet. I will admit, once it was announced that Donald Trump had won the presidency, I was that meme. You know the one of the woman in glasses screaming NOOOOOOOO? I cried. How could this happen? How could anyone vote for that terrible man? I was bitter and angry and told anyone who would listen that he cheated. I went along with the Russian collusion stories. He only won because of that. PERIOD, END OF STORY.  

As the years went by I began ignoring politics again. I’d see the news articles my friends would share and would watch the news sparingly. The impeachment began and I was incredibly happy because my feelings were validated. The national news all said that President Trump was a horrible man and an even worse president. I agreed. I never ONCE, saw a news article or story highlighting a single positive thing he had done. Therefore, in my eyes there was none.

I did not feel like I needed to dig any deeper because I trusted the news. They are impartial right? Fast forward to the impeachment and then nothing coming from it. Donald Trump was not removed from the White House like we all expected. I became even more disillusioned with politics in general. 

Then came COVID. I watched the news and saw Nancy Pelosi tell everyone to come down to China Town with no mask on. I watched Dr. Fauci tell us there was zero need for the public to wear masks, and I went about my life. I went to parties and school and work.

BUT…soon, everything seemed to do an about face. The death toll rose higher and higher.

I began to wear a mask everywhere I went. (Which wasn’t to many places, since everything in my city seemed to close down, overnight.) I began watching the news more and more. I noted that every news anchor was saying that President Trump had thousands and thousands of lives on his hands because he had not taken the virus seriously.

Believe it or not, this was my first inkling that something didn’t feel right.

I was there watching the news, when President Trump made the choice to shut down travel from China and other countries. When the news called him xenophobic and racist. I watched Joe Biden do the same. Originally, I fell into the trap of thinking that our president was crazy and trying to further his xenophobic ideology.

As things grew more serious, and every single news station went on and on about how the president did not take it seriously, I remembered back to the time that he closed travel down. This was before Dr. Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, and every news outlet was taking it seriously! Of course this was not enough to revert all of my preconceived notions about the president.

BUT, it was enough for me to start paying closer attention.

In the middle of all the coronavirus panic, George Floyd in Minneapolis was killed during an altercation, with the police. I posted my black square and participated in a protest myself. I argued with countless people on all social media platforms and posted ACAB and BLM everywhere I could. 

It’s not easy to admit this. But, I was brainwashed into believing that police officers were hunting black man down in the streets.

But then, the “peaceful protests” turned into dangerous riots, and I watched how the media covered up for them. How they flat out lied. Something in my head was telling me that something was wrong. I ended up contacting one of my childhood friends who constantly posted things on social media. Things that were contrary to mainstream media’s spin on things. He provided me with videos, facts, numbers. My head was spinning. 

After going over all of the information that my friend sent me, I started watching the news with more of an open mind. I watched the Democrats blame everything happening on President Trump while knowing that he offered as much help as he possibly could. All of my friends were calling him a tyrant.

Yet, I watched as our president exercised (much needed) restraint from declaring martial law or sending in federal troops. Because he was not being asked!

I did my homework about the post office and came to the conclusion that it was the Democrats coming up with the conspiracy theory about the post office. It was shocking to watch the Democrats encourage the riots, the violence, and the destruction.

I found that I could no longer align myself with a party that does nothing but pass the blame, lie, and cheat. It became clear to me that Democrats do not care about the every day American citizen.

I distanced myself from Black Lives Matter as they continued to condone riots over what I know now are completely justifiable police actions against criminals. It became too difficult to watch their followers try to browbeat people (even black people) into submission. Not to menion, I learned that Black Lives Matter is working hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party.

I will always stand for black lives. We are all equal under the eyes of God, but this movement is not about equality. It is about black supremacy. 

I can say without a doubt, I am not a Republican. But, I am no longer a Democrat.

I will be voting for Donald Trump, this November. And to anyone who is a Democrat reading this, I IMPLORE you to do something very simple. Please do your own research. You are being lied to. The national news is no longer for the people. They are for the Democrats. But, I am proud to say that I will no longer support their lies.

Thanks for reading my story. There are many more.

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    This gives me renewed hope in young people. For the longest time I’ve felt young kids were going to destroy this country because they didn’t appreciate what it represents and what it took to keep it free to enable them to live like they do.

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