Jacob Blake & Shay Mikalonis ~ Two Men Shot. Only ONE is Called a HERO.

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Recently (according to several mainstream media resources) Joe Biden visited with Jacob Blake’s family, in Kenosha. By now, everyone has heard of Jacob Blake. But, have you heard of a man named Shay Mikalonis? Both men were 29 years of age. Both were critically shot within the last 3 months. Only ONE is getting treated like a national hero.

Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake is the man who was shot 7 times in the back by police officers while resisting arrest and continuing to reach into his vehicle after being ordered many times to stop. 

Officers encountered Blake after a 911 call was made, from an ex-girlfriend, due to domestic disturbance. Blake was at the ex-girlfriends house allegedly trying to steal her car while refusing to give her the keys. This is what prompted the 911 call, in the first place.

Officers were informed of a felony warrant, en route. Issued to Jacob Blake, for third-degree sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct. This was issued on July 6th after the ex-girlfriend called police and told them she had woken up with Blake standing over her proceeding to sexually assault her while sleeping next to her child. She also reported that he stole her vehicle. Other details released include the victim claimed he assaults her about twice a year, when intoxicated. 

Kenosha meeting 

Joe and his wife, Jill, met privately with members of the Blake family in a Milwaukee airport terminal. They spoke with Blake’s parents, three siblings and members of Blake’s legal team. Ben Crump, Blake’s attorney, said in a statement that Blake himself joined the conversation by phone.

Biden said he came away from the meeting with “the overwhelming sense of resilience and optimism” the family has from “the kind of response they’re getting.”

The Democratic nominee’s visit, according to his campaign, is an effort to “bring together Americans to heal and address the changes we face.”

Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice President nominee, also made the choice to meet with the Blake family. Harris spoke with Jacob Blake on Monday, telling him that she was proud of him. 

Sen. Harris discussed policy changes that her along with Biden will make if elected, including the Justice in Policing Act and Implicit Bias Training.

Jacob Blake

Shay Mikalonis

Officer Shay Mikalonis, 29, was shot just a few weeks prior to Blake. It happened by an angry BLM Protester, over the death of George Floyd. He is currently on a ventilator. The family statement, released on Twitter by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said Mikalonis is expected to stay on the ventilator. Be has been tentatively accepted at a spine rehabilitation center. His life at just 29 years old, will never be the same. Because he was a police officer who dedicated his life to helping others.

Edgar Samaniego is accused of shooting the officer and was there protesting on behalf of Black Lives Matter. 

This officer, the same age as Jacob Blake, was shot and paralyzed while doing his job and protecting the citizens of Las Vegas.  

Have you heard of this Shay Mikalonis? The National news media may have ran this story at an off hour, but ask yourself why this story isn’t pushed to the forefront of everything going on. How do you think Shay’s parents feel watching the news and seeing someone with criminal charges receiving a visit by a presidential candidate. Yet, not even a mention on the same media outlets that are sharing this news.

There are no protests for the man who was paralyzed and may now be living the greater part of his life on a ventilator. All while trying to protect the very people out protesting against him. He did NOTHING wrong.

No Presidential candidate made a show by meeting with Shay Mikalonis. His name is not on sports Jerseys. His Go Fund Me did not collect anywhere near the over two million that Blake’s collected. It is worthy to note that we have heard a phone call was made by President Trump to the officer’s family. But not even a peep from Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris.

The Takeaway

The message seems to be this. (And, imagine how this may impact our young generation, still learning right from wrong.) You can sexually assault a woman, break into her home repeatedly, resist arrest, and reach into your vehicle for a weapon and endanger the lives of the police and your children. You’ll even be called a HERO by a democratic presidential candidate.

But, do a job as difficult and dangerous as a police officer and have a criminal almost kill you and change your life forever and there is hardly a MENTION in the mainstream media. Something is very broken and wrong here. 

Do you want to vote for someone who chooses to pay tribute to someone like Jacob Blake or someone like Officer Shay Mikalonis? 

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