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We hear all of the time: President Trump has failed us on the Covid-19 pandemic. Is that really true? What has he done? Are these accusations based in fact? The truth is that President Trump has done so much to assist us during this pandemic that the media simply isn’t covering. These actions range from policies to fast-track research and development of treatments, to economic support. Let’s get into it. 

Governmental Aspect: 

– The creation of the Covid-19 task force.

– The president declared a national emergency which gave states access to 42 billion dollars in funds.

– Conferences were held with governors to plan out responses to the pandemic.

– An additional 8.3 billion dollars were secured through legislation that president Trump signed.

– Doctor Birx was named the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.


– President Trump signed legislation that ensured free testing for those who need it.

– President Trump pressured the FDA to new commercial tests from the private sector.

– Red tape was cut to ensure that testing could be developed and distributed quickly.

– Funding has been secured to develop rapid result tests.

– President Trump has worked with the private sector to create new and more accurate tests, as well as testing sites. – The president ordered information on testing to be sent directly to the White House to ensure transparency.

– The USA leads the world in testing by tens of millions. 

PPE and Equipment: 

– Over 500 million N-95 masks have been purchased for healthcare workers.

– No person who has needed a ventilator has been denied one.

– The president has worked with the private sector to develop technology that can clean masks, making them usable 20 times.

– The president has taken the PPE stockpile left empty by Obama, and has grown it so that most healthcare workers can now get PPE.

– He has ramped up PPE creation from the private sector.

– He has encouraged mask wearing per Dr. Fauci’s input. (In spite of Dr. Fauci’s input flip-flopping.)

Preventative Measures Involving Travel: 

– The president enacted a travel ban on China when they started to have large amounts of cases.

– The president suspended travel from Europe when cases started to skyrocket there.

– Any Americans returning from these banned countries also including Iran and Ireland, are screened and (if necessary) isolated.

– Agreements between Mexico and the USA have slowed unnecessary travel at the southern border.

– Travel recommendations and advisories are placed on countries with growing amounts of cases. 

Helping Hotspots: 

– Relief hospitals are being built in hotspots to help ease the pressure on hospitals.

– The USS Comfort was sent to New York to act as a hospital, ensuring that other hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed.

– The president has approved major disaster declarations for places like New York and California who are struggling with Covid-19. 

Vaccines and Treatments: 

– The president enacted Operation Warp Speed which has fast tracked the vaccine development process and helps to secure 300 million doses of the vaccine by 2021.

– Multiple vaccines are now in the final stages of research and development thanks to the president cutting red tape.

– New treatments such as convalescent plasma are being improved and used in growing numbers after the president has pressured the FDA to approve its usage. And, this treatment specifically has shown promise.

– The president has created a policy that distributes millions of pieces of equipment, so that when we get a vaccine, it can be distributed effectively. 

Healthcare Workers, Patients, and Telemedicine: 

– The president donated his 4th quarter salary to Covid-19 response efforts.

– He rolled back regulations, giving healthcare workers the flexibility they need to respond to the outbreak.

– The administration announced that health plans with health savings accounts will be able to cover coronavirus testing and treatment without co-payments.

– The administration has expanded telemedicine coverage and flexibility with medicare.

– HIPAA restrictions have been lifted to expand telemedicine.

– The VA has created 19 emergency operation centers across the country.

– The VA and CMS have limited nonessential elective surgeries to free up resources. 

Small Businesses and Working Americans: 

– Disaster loans are available to small businesses which can give them up to 2 million dollars in funding.

– Economic assistance is more available to small businesses because requirements to qualify for aid have been relaxed.

– The president has met with industry leaders to help coordinate responses.

– The Paycheck Protection Program was established.

– Funding has been secured for small businesses from Congress.

– The stimulus package was created and checks were distributed.

– The president made executive orders involving payroll tax cuts, evictions, and unemployment aid when talks with congress stalled. These are among the many accomplishments of the president’s handling of the virus. 

Some quick rebuttals to the media’s lies about the virus: 

– We have more cases than other counties because we do so much more testing.

– We have more deaths than other countries because the deaths are over reported, we have a bigger population, and, our death rate per capita is actually much lower than most counties.

– Only 6% of Covid-19 deaths are from people without any comorbidities.

– 99.5% of people survive when they get the virus.

– The American Pediatrics Association says that our kids should be in school.

– The median age for Covid-19 deaths are above the average lifespan of an American.

– Countries who actively use hydroxychloroquine as a treatment have a much lower death rate per capita. 

Written By: James OConner

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