YOU WERE WARNED ~ An Opinion Piece on Covid-19

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This opinion piece has been formed upon the facts and history of Covid 19. The writer has asked to be kept anonymous. For obvious reasons. Let us know what you think in the comment section, below.

Don’t say you were not warned.

Don’t say that you couldn’t have seen this coming

And, please don’t tell me, when it became apparent what COVID-19 was REALLY about, that you couldn’t have seen what the end game here was all along.  

If you find yourself in that camp, you didn’t dig deep enough, look hard enough, and sat back relying on more lifetime government politicians for all the information.  

“Follow the science. Do you not believe in the science?” That is the thing that is thrown into the faces of those who decided to dig a little deeper during this pandemic.  

Now, I will admit, when COVID-19 first was discussed and it became apparent we were going to be affected by this, I was very concerned. I, like many, was shocked at the pictures we saw in China of people lying in the streets, families being shuttled into vans by the CCP, and a massive city being locked down. It was a scary sight, and given there was not much in the way of information available as to what COVID-19 does, we were all in the right to be nervous. 

When the CDC came out and said that states needed to “shut down for 15 days to flatten the curve”, I was on board, fully. I bought into it and at the time, who wouldn’t?  

Those 15 days passed…

..And it was clear that this was going to take more than 15 days. Again, after seeing what was taking place, another 15 days didn’t seem like such a stretch. 30 days total to get this under control and ensure that we could all get back to work. Sounded fine to me, although a very big inconvenience, it was the “right thing” to do. 

Then something happened. We got beyond the 30 days and it was evident that the governors were intent on keeping things shut down much longer.  

What was “15 days to flatten the curve”, after 45 days, 60 days, it suddenly became “we need to take extreme measures until we find the cure, until we get the vaccine”.  

Anyone that thought this was odd, or something not sustainable in a free society, took it upon themselves to dig a little deeper, not live in fear, but look for ways to attempt to get some semblance of normal back into our lives.  

WHAT Happened to the EXPERTS

Suddenly, those “experts” that we had listened to started to give us mixed messages. We were told that we should NOT use masks. Masks, according to Dr Fauci, someone who was becoming revered in society, gave people a “false sense of security”. Masks, we were told for decades, were to be worn for those that were actually sick. 

Watch him here on 60 Minutes if you do not believe me:

The US Surgeon General implored people to NOT wear a mask if you were not sick. People complied. It made a lot of sense. You would, for years, go to your doctor if you had the flu, and you would be given the mask, but your doctor, having seen many sick patients, would not. Ever. Never saw that. So it made a lot of sense. And we listened. We complied because, after all, these are the “experts” in the medical field. These people know more than we do, and therefore, we need to listen to whatever they tell us.  

Suddenly, within weeks, the narrative changed. Now, we were told, you should actually have a face covering. Excuse me? What is that you say?  

What we were told as to why the change, from Fauci, again, was “well we didn’t want people to take all the PPE that was needed for those on the front lines”.

The AH HA Moment

This was the moment when I knew, using common sense and rational thought “This isn’t as bad as they are telling us”. And how would I know that?  

Why would any medical expert, who is trying to prevent death (which is what this is about along with not overwhelming hospitals), tell us NOT to wear the very thing that could save lives? The only way that would be possible is if the vast majority of the population is, in fact, not at risk at all.  Because if that is not true, isn’t Fauci and the “experts” then complicit in the deaths of 1000’s of Americans, who if they were told the truth, if COVID-19 is as “deadly” as they say it is (requiring a total destruction of the US economy and ruination of millions of businesses, jobs, and families lives), could have been saved?  

In other words, a doctor either lied directly to the public, leading to more death, or this virus, while deadly for the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us, isn’t deadly for 99.7% of the rest of us.   

So which is it?  What does your head tell you?

Mixed Messages

Entering the month of May, the messaging was all over the place.  Nothing made any sense.  

You could enter a Walmart, grocery store, Home Depot, or liquor store, wearing a mask, and that’s not an issue.  You can mingle in lines for 15-30 min, passing people all over the stores.  That’s ok.  That was deemed “essential” by a man or a woman who suddenly didn’t need their state legislature “permission” to decide this.  Call me crazy, but when one person is deciding the new “law” of the land for each state, that is a dictatorship.  And in this case, this dictatorship was under the guise of “public health”.  

Apparently, though, you couldn’t enter a restaurant and have a meal, even of that place had far less people present. 

“Well that’s because you are there for much longer than 15 minutes”.  Yes, that is true.  However, one must assume that when you are shopping for “essentials” that you are not in contact with people for 15 minutes.  That is a very long reach.  That assumption is flawed in so many ways it would take too long to cover it.  

One only needed to go and stand in those lines, as I have done, to understand this wasn’t going to work as intended.  

Suddenly you couldn’t get your haircut, even if you had a mask on and that business took precautions, but you could go buy a shovel, brooms, bottles of booze, etc.  You could be a patron in the largest retail stores, but the smaller mom and pop stores needed to be closed.  

As long as you had your mask on, even if we were told it was a false sense of security just weeks before, you would be ok.  

Then something really strange happened.  


Doctors, 1000’s of them, took to the internet with videos, to talk about why they were not seeing the same issues that many of the “experts” said they were.  They discussed why their decades of medical training, schooling, hands on during other times of actual DEADLIER virus’ (H1N1 for starters) had taught them that not only was a mask not required, but in fact, it was more harmful.  

And what happened when they started doing that?  They were thrown off of social media.  They were shadow banned by social media.  AND…They were called “crazy” and “anti-science” by the mainstream media.  

Family practitioners were in tears, taking to the internet to discuss what they were seeing, and they were made out to be crazy. They were “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-science”.  And why?  Because Dr Fauci, who hasn’t treated an actual real live human being for close to 25 years, who changed his mind on mask wearing (not because the virus was more deadly mind you), said so.

The Great Awakening 

Then George Floyd happened.  This isn’t about that event.  That’s an entire different discussion that can be reviewed at a different day.  

Cities started to burn.  For weeks.  Burn.  People took to the streets in the 10’s of 1000’s, often no masks, but 100% not social distancing. 

And strange enough, all of the sudden, it was “ok because social justice is also a health concern”. Excuse me?  Wait?  Wait a second. 

We were told that if you did not socially distance, with a mask, you were irresponsible and wanted grandma to die.  But now, because a man was killed during an arrest, we can look past it.  

Let’s RECAP…

So…Dr Fauci initially said that we did not need masks.  That “it provided a false sense of security”. The US Surgeon General begged people to not wear them. One month later, despite this being a “deadly and serious virus”, we were told that we needed them and that they just told us that because there was a fear that frontline workers wouldn’t have enough equipment.  

NOW, we are told that apparently the virus overlooks those that protest.  Why? Well because social justice is also a health crisis, and some things are worth the sacrifice.

As it states in the Forbes article, this group of public health experts actually released a statement that said “they are risking their lives to save lives”.  

Um, excuse me?  Is this even a serious comment? Are you going to tell that to the MILLIONS of people who lost their jobs, their businesses, everything they had? That’s the route you are taking now?  

Are you awake yet? Do you see this for what it is yet?  

It’s amazing that just weeks before, 1000’s of people, all wearing masks, took to the streets and into the capital of many states to protest their liberty being stripped from them.  THAT, we were told, endangered lives.  

This, we are told, is a bigger cause.  

Should I continue? Yes, I think I’ll end it with the grand finale of all finale. 

Their End Game 

While I could write endlessly about my personal feelings regarding the takedown of President Trump, which my belief COVID-19 is being weaponized by the Left to do (man is there a lot of material to write about these days), this was ALWAYS about control. 

How quickly we were to give up control under the guise of public health.  

The Founders of our great country were way ahead of their time. We often deride them, saying they could never have the foresight to know about technology and the changes to society that would evolve over time. 

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Ben Franklin 1774

Ben Franklin was spot on with that assessment.  

Tell me the last time that any politician has taken something away from it’s citizens and then freely returned it to them? It’s very rare and you’ll need to dig really deep to find that.  

Yet here we are. We have covered our faces, stayed 6 feet about (not 6 feet and 1 inch..not 5 feet 11 inches…because for some reason it’s “6 feet”), obeyed the commands of those who are now literal dictators, turned in our fellow Americans out of fear, become a ragging group of Karen’s, kept our kids out of school, taken away their activities and social interactions, all under the guise of “safety”.

Here is the punchline, the big kick in the ass. 

Now, we are told, we can “never return to normal”.  Just as predicted, this is the line being told to all of us now. There is no normal any longer. Why?

Well didn’t you know that COVID-19 is about “climate change”. Yup. That’s what we are talking about now. Oh, you don’t believe me?

So the headline reads that a vaccine isn’t going to end this. I mean, why would it? We are being told that a vaccine will be probably around 60% effective, or about as effective as the flu vaccine is every year.  

Weird too. In 2018 flu season, 80,000 Americans died from the flu. Given that the flu vaccine is between 40-60% effective, that would seem to mean that without one, approx. 160-180K Americans would have died that year. 

Buried in the WHO comment is this line that might go ignored, but is what this is REALLY all about at the end of the day. 

“In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change,” he said. “The Covid-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be: cleaner skies and rivers.”


Yes. Yes. We have all been locked down. Lives have been destroyed. Cities are burning. And what have we learned? That by doing so, our skies are clearer, rivers are more pristine. The world is cleaner, all in a matter of FIVE months. 

Congrats to everyone. You are officially sheep. Think I’ll stick to being a sheep dog and try to provide as much information to the rest of you as I can. 

~ Anonymous

  • September 13

    I completely agree that something sinister is going on behind the Covid-19 scenes. But, the opinion regarding whether or not we should wear a mask could be based on science: as the data comes in over time, opinions on the merits of wearing a mask may change. Remember when eggs were supposed to be limited to two a week because of concerns that they raise cholesterol? As time passed and new data was collected, scientists changed their minds about egg nutrition. I’d say the same thing is happening regarding masks.

  • September 11

    Today I completely lost it! Our school opened today and the plan was to have alternate days couple days in school and a couple days virtual. My kids come home full of life and beaming from ear to ear. (Well the 3 that actually got to step foot in school) To then receive an email within an hour of them being home, saying the district was going all virtual for at least next 2 weeks due to a high school teacher that had apparently tested positive. This is communism unfolding right before our eyes. We have no say we are just to OBEY. So we do, right, we obey and do everything we are told to so we can open safely. Tell me what the hell is the point of all the precautions… the social distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer constantly, if it isn’t going to protect us if someone around us happens to be positive. It makes no sense!! I had a complete break down today. I have 5 kids, 4 adopted and 3 of them NEED services that the school is supposed to be providing. I feel so much anger (really sadness) because I feel so powerless and I am sickened by ALL of the BS going on in the media and politics right now. I am so grateful to know I’m not alone. I too have been digging much deeper into things. Now what do we do to stop this from getting worse. I’m 100% on board!

    • September 11

      Megan, I am so sorry that you are (rightfully) discouraged. This makes NO sense to most Americans. (Even though the media propaganda implies there is no silent majority. (JUST A LIE to keep others brainwashed.) Trump’s approval rating keeps improving and the #walkaway campaigns are growing daily! However, nobody knows what the future holds. You are NOT alone. Make sure you are part of a few support groups that are like-minded. I’m sure there will be plenty of other parents that become furious over this, as well. And, you’ll just need to stick together. Now is the BEST time to get in deep into your bible. Only God can truly give us the peace that transcends all understanding. And, HE IS IN CONTROL! Can I share this on our FB page? Maybe you will get some encouragement from a community.

  • September 10

    I knew right from the start this was all planned I agree with everything this writer says and thanks for making this website so happy other people feel the same way I do this whole thing is nuts and I’m so done with it trump 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • September 9

    From readings and further education throughout my career as a lab tech, it is back to the good ol… follow the money. Grants and funding were at risk of being pulled and at the time I am sure a lot of educational groups didn’t realize what they were doing by complying to get the funds and grants. I have been on the knowing end, not receiving end of we tackle it and find a better best care practice because we have the funds or the …. that was a bad situation and we have to watch it but nothing can be done (and it’s ignored like it didn’t happen) so move on. As health care, money or not, we need to always put our best foot forward.

  • September 4
  • September 4

    I completely agree with all you said and then some. I understand why you probably must remain anonymous, as I’ve thought about many times starting a YouTube channel or something to get my voice out there because of how disgusted I am of this brainwashing through gaslighting and manipulation in the media that appears to be a continuation of a government program called PROJECT Mockingbird. Anyways because of the hate conservatives now get and especially if we if you identify as a trump supporter could cost you your life. I’m from Chicago. So I appreciate your anonymity, any suggestions on how I could get some of the facts and knowledge I have in my head swimming around that I coul share amongst others, for all of our mustal benefit and education? If so just how I would do that?

  • September 3

    It didn’t take me more than a week of knowing about it. Much less all the quarantining, mask wearing or not, lockdowns, etc.,…even started to smell the rotting fish that was coming. I need to go get the antibody test. I have just been procrastinating. I’m one of the several hundred thousand that thinks they had it around Christmas. Coughed my head off for a month straight. Only missed work during the first 3-5 days when I felt like crap. Went for a flu test. Was told NOPE no flu. I was told I had an unknown upper respiratory infection and to just take Claritin??? This has been a SCAMDEMIC, PLANDEMIC from the get go. Oh don’t forget it came from people eating bats from a wet market in Wuhan. Yeah right! What happened to that BS storyline. Hadn’t really given the “Climate Change” narrative much thought, but you laid it out there and it makes sense.

  • September 3

    Such a well written article, I am madder then ever today because my husband and I were asked to leave a very close family member’s funeral because we didn’t wear the stupid mask. Did matter why we couldn’t we were asked to leave and they were viscous about it. I can not believe or understand the blind stupidity of sheaples. Great article!!

  • August 31